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Adobe Air Installer

After you have successfully run the Adobe AIR installer file, try again to install and run the Adobe AIR application that you want to use. You can also try Adobe AIR applications that are available at the Adobe AIR Marketplace.

Adobe Air Installer

When installing an Adobe AIR application, the application's installer sometimes attempts to connect to an Internet service to authenticate the identity of the application. Antivirus or security software can report this attempt to connect to an Internet service; allow this connection to install the Adobe AIR application. For example, you could see an alert that says "Adobe AIR application installer.exe is attempting to connect to a DNS server."

The installer file for an Adobe AIR application has a filename that ends with .air. Double-clicking an .air installer file after a successful installation of Adobe AIR on Windows Vista can display an "unknown type" error. When this issue occurs, the .air installer file doesn't appear to have an Adobe AIR icon associated with it when viewed within the Windows file explorer.

For information about the transition of Adobe AIR, please visit the HARMAN website and the Adobe AIR Community Forum. AIR developers needing assistance can also contact HARMAN at

Install from local .air files With the AIR runtime installed, you can double-click the .air file to invoke the application installer. The installer begins with a security dialog describing the publisher identity. You will be prompted for installation location and local user password if necessary.

After installing Adobe AIR using a native package installer, a badge installation may not work and you might see the following error: "Sorry, an error has occurred. The application could not be installed. Try installing it again. If the problem persists, contact the application author. Error #1". This issue is fixed with Flash Player 10.1.

AIR is a runtime environment that allows Adobe Animate content and ActionScript 3.0 coders to construct applications and video games that run as a stand-alone executable and behave similar to a native application on supported platforms. An HTML5 application used in a browser does not require installation, while AIR applications require installation from an installer file (Windows and OS X) or the appropriate App Store (iOS and Android). AIR applications have unrestricted access to local storage and file systems, while browser-based applications only have access to individual files selected by users.[8]

You can download the Adobe AIR runtime installer for Windows here. However, if you would create a Windows Bundle to run this installer, you would need the correct silent switches in order to prevent end users having to manually agree the license agreement:

Note: the installer downloads other files besides the Apache Flex SDK. These files are needed for the proper functioning of the SDK. The required TLF and the OSMF frameworks, as well as the optional Embedded Font Libraries and Utilities and BlazeDS are mentioned separately in the installer application. The other non-Apache files downloaded by the installer are:

Binaries are provided as a convenience for those who do not wish to compile the installer themselves. The 3.3.2 binaries were published on 09 July 2018. There is no 3.3.2 convenience binary for Linux as all recent Flex and FlexJS SDK's support installation via Apache Ant and it was determined that Linux users preferred the Ant method over having to install Adobe AIR to install the SDK.

  • Download and install Adobe AIR on your computer

  • Uninstall previously installed version of Bulkr

  • Download Bulkr installer by clicking here (bulkr-v1.8.air will be downloaded)

  • Temporarily change your computer's date to 1st October 2020

  • Open bulkr-v1.8.air to install it on you Windows computer

  • Change your computer date to the current date

  • Download and install Adobe AIR on your Mac

  • Uninstall previously installed version of Bulkr

  • Download Bulkr installer here (bulkr-v1.8.air will be downloaded)

  • Temporarily change your computer's date to 30th December 2020

  • If you are on these versions of Mac: OSX Catalina or OSX Big Sur please follow these steps:Open Terminal app from your Application folder

  • Copy/paste the following in the terminal window (you may need to enter your mac password): sudo xattr -r -d /Library/Frameworks/Adobe\ AIR.framework Open bulkr-v1.8.air to install it on you Mac

  • Change your computer date to the current date

If you have the previous version of the Sfax for Windows application, you may uninstall this application, or let the installer do it for you. You need to be logged in as the Administrator of the system you are installing on.

Our Print Driver Application requires at least version 20 of Adobe Air to install and run properly. You can download this from Once you have installed or updated the to the latest application, restart the installer to complete the driver install.

  • Adobe Air (Adobe Integrated Runtime) is an Adobe product which allows us to run Rich Internet Application (RIA) on any operating systems such as Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and even on mobile devices. Unfortunately, Adobe Air is not available on Ubuntu repository :CMIIW. So, months ago, I have written a post on how to install Adobe Air on Ubuntu from Adobe official installer. On that post, we had to install it manually: download required packages, run the installer, and soon. Today, I'd like to share an easy way to install Adobe Air on Ubuntu via Deb Package.First thing first, please download Adobe Air Deb packages here and download the appropriate package for your computer architecture (32bit or 64bit). Once downloaded, simply run the following command to install it:sudo dpkg -i adobeair_2.6.0.19170_i386.deb

Once installed, you can start install any Adobe Air application by accessing the "Adobe Air Application Installer" from the menu.I have tested the Deb package for 32bit on my Xubuntu 12.10 Quantal Quetzal and everything works well. So, if you need Adobe Air to run some applications, you should give it a try :)Regards :) 350c69d7ab


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