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Luca Martinez

Subtitle 10 Things I Hate About You _VERIFIED_

I started building pandas in April, 2008. It started out as a skunkworks that Ideveloped mostly on my nights and weekends. I didn't know much about softwareengineering or even how to use Python's scientific computing stack well backthen. My code was ugly and slow. I figured things out as I went and learned asmuch from others as I could. I didn't start doing serious C development until2013 and C++ development until 2015. I appreciate C++ a lot more now than Iwould have 9 years ago.

subtitle 10 Things I Hate About You


I gave a talk in November 2013 with the subtitle 10 Things I Hate AboutPandas, which has had almost 100,000 slide views 4 years later. It's a summaryof the things that I'd learned throughout 2013 and battle scars from the first5 years of pandas development.

On paper, Apache Arrow was everything I had been wanting for years. But, inlate 2015, all I had (as far as Python is concerned) were some Markdownspecification documents. These specifications weren't even final; we set up theApache project to create a venue for the broader community to have a dialogueabout the specs and the problems that Arrow solves. We had to buckle down andbuild real software to make the vision real and useful. Now that I've beenworking on the project for almost 2 years, we've made huge progress inrealizing the things that we set out to accomplish.

Is there any particular reason you are placing these in the subtitle or section listing part of the General Info? The reason I ask is that the General Info section is increasingly having the individual fields within "read" by not only the system here, but (in the near future) by the upcoming iPad app, etc. That's why it's probably better in the long run to place info like this in its respective field within the section. I'll be having more discussions with Feldmahler on this topic and making changes as needed to the style guide for the General Info section. As more things like the iPad app appear, I expect we'll need to make sure the info being read by such interfacing devices is in a format that can be easily "read." Carolus 02:34, 18 May 2011 (UTC) 041b061a72


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