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Leonardo Cruz

High Flyers (2020) Nederlands Ondertitels 'LINK'

In 2020, tech stocks, including the well-known high-flyers, have been the clear winners. The profited from the work-from-home trend, increased online shopping, and very positive market sentiment. Their valuations, however, have risen to a very high level that may limit further upside.

High Flyers (2020) Nederlands ondertitels

When share price gains are driven by multiple expansion rather than by underlying earnings growth, it is questionable how sustainable these share price gains really are. If market sentiment changes, it would not be a big surprise to see many of these high-flyers give back all or most of their gains. There are a couple of factors that could lead to such change in sentiment, such as politicians investigating the monopoly position of larger tech companies or a possible coronavirus vaccine. If the virus is defeated, "real world" companies should benefit the most, whereas work-from-home beneficiaries in the tech industry would fall behind. 041b061a72


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