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Luca Martinez

Dell Windows Server 2008 R2 Foundation 35 [WORK]

Error 80072ee2 is common to all modern Windows versions, starting from Windows 7/Windows Server 2008 R2 to Windows 11/Windows Server 2022. This error appears when you try installing updates via the local WSUS server, or when downloading updates directly from the Windows Update over the Internet.

dell windows server 2008 r2 foundation 35


Sometimes, you may encounter the situation (while using a Hyper-V) in which Windows does not want to update within the virtual machine (we ran into this on Windows Server 2008 R2). The system returns an error 80072EE2 and does not give any explanation. As it turned out, the error is related to the transmission parameter of large packets in the properties of the host network card. As a host, we have a physical server on which Hyper-V is deployed.


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