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PowerFactory 15.2 Cracked Version: A Complete Guide for Power System Analysis

The purpose of this paper is to evaluate the effects of the reference step-down (RST) system on the accuracy of power quality assessment. The RST system is already used in the North America, Southeast Asia, and South America. In order to assess the effects of RST, two reference RST systems, which are used in Japan and China, were implemented, and the results were compared. The experimental results suggested that the RST system does not affect the accuracy of power quality assessment significantly, because most customers do not meet the ISO15118 requirement. The specific frequency is shown with the results obtained using the RST system; this is useful information in the field where a large number of customers are used. The RST system can also be applied to the power quality assessment in various regions that have different demands. The results of this research will be helpful in determining the power quality of the customer that has the RST system installed.

digsilent power factory 15.2 cracked

Monitoring power quality is a critical task for railway infrastructure stability management. The disturbance monitoring of the railway power systems should include both the waveform and the power quality. This paper presents a disturbance monitoring technique for the harmonic grade of railway power systems. The harmonic grade monitoring is formulated as a nonlinear superposition of the first, third, and fifth harmonic, where the first, third, and fifth harmonic waves are superimposed on the fundamental waveform. The technique is based on single frequency measurements and has no frequency dependence. The monitoring technique is illustrated in simulation, and its performance is demonstrated using measurements from two different types of rail system (B18, W44) and on different types of trains (locomotive, passenger, freight) with different speed (high, moderate, low). The measurement results show that this technique is robust, reliable, and it can be applied to real systems.


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