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[S2E6] Phase Space

Private Division and Intercept Games today announced that Kerbal Space Program 2, the sequel to the beloved rocket building sim, will launch in Early Access on February 24, 2023 for PC on Steam, Epic Game Store, and other storefronts. Kerbal Space Program 2 will bring an array of content at the launch of Early Access for players to explore, including hundreds of new and improved parts to build a variety of vehicles and rockets; time warp under acceleration allowing for improved long-distance flights; and vastly superior graphics featuring a planetary atmosphere and terrain system to make this the most visually impressive KSP game yet! The game will also feature improved tutorials and user onboarding to provide players with the necessary knowledge to excel at space flight. Those that purchase Kerbal Space Program 2 in Early Access will help inform the future development of the game by providing feedback directly to its creators leading up to the full launch of the title.

[S2E6] Phase Space

The core experience will be better than ever in Kerbal Space Program 2, as players will have near limitless possibilities with the tools at their disposal to construct advanced spacecrafts and lunar vehicles. When the game launches in Early Access, there will be over 350 new and improved parts to build with, including engines, fuel tanks, procedural part systems, and much more. From this deep parts box, players can craft planes, rockets, rovers, and other creations for their adventures. Kerbal Space Program 2 will also introduce the ability to customize and paint vehicles, leading to deeper personalization and expression in every build.

I think something similar is happening today. I think that they look at the West and they see the incredible power that has been amassed by a small number of private-sector corporations, particularly in the technology space. They see the growing populism and the anti-establishment sentiment, particularly in the United States but not solely in the United States, and the inability of governments to effectively respond to that and redress those concerns. They say, "We don't want that in China." When I look at the ... You phrased it as "meddling in industries". I think the Chinese would call it intervention in the private sector, and an effort to curtail excesses.

I would say the decoupling that's happening right now is in two spaces. One, it's in technology spaces, particularly the internet, companies like Facebook and Google that don't really have access to the world's largest data market, and other companies that are involved in the national security space, or at least dual use space, so it's clear. And secondarily, areas imperatively low cost labor, where China is just, for many reasons, no longer an attractive or a competitive market.

In the first stage of learning, small group instruction, Andrea is an active participant in a community of practice at a makeshift gun range. Taking aim at bottles and old road signs, participants receive constant feedback from more knowledgeable others (i.e. Rick and Shane) regarding their technique and marksmanship. Of the four instructional stages in the episode, Stage 1 is the least contextualized, exhibits the lowest level of stress on participants, and is the most risk adverse. Although the firing range is a situated learning activity (e.g. participants are shooting firearms instead of reading a book about shooting firearms), the targets are stationary and nonthreatening. Hence, this phase of instruction does not accurately simulate the context of a Walker attack. The no stress-no risk environment of Stage 1 births in Andrea a false sense of self-confidence regarding her ability to use a gun. 041b061a72


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