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[S1E6] Stress Test

Baking Impossible is an American cooking competition television series that airs on Netflix, themed around baking and engineering. Each episode presents a cast of contestants with a challenge that combines baking with engineering, often described using the portmanteau "bakineering".[1]

[S1E6] Stress Test


The contestants compete in pairs, for a grand prize of $100,000. Within each pair, one contestant specializes in baking, and the other specializes in engineering. Prior to the show, none of the pairs of contestants had met before.

Each episode allows the contestant to work for up to 18 hours, after which their creations are stress tested and evaluated by the judges.[3] At the end of each episode, one pair is voted off.[4] The winning team of the episode gets an advantage in the next episode, such as being able to preview the stress test before the other teams, or being able to attempt the stress test more than once.

Challenge: Create an edible mini golf course. Instead of competing in pairs, the set of contestants competed in two larger teams. Stress Test: The judges needed to be able to play the golf course.

Challenge: Create an edible costume for a human model, containing four confections. The models were previously eliminated contestants. Stress Test: The human model needs to be able to walk a 40ft runway wearing the costume, and the costume must contain the confections for the judges to sample.

Challenge: Create a five foot by eight foot edible car, with two edible safety features and a trunk made of cake. Stress Test: The cars needed to survive a 25 mile per hour crash test simulation, with a dummy passenger.

Dr. Lisa Sanders breaks down the likely conditions in Episode 6; either Vasovagal Syncope or Temporal Lobe Epilepsy. Unfortunately, the tests are all based on him having an episode, meaning results can be mistimed or take longer than a few trips to the clinic.

It is hard to tell, but a twist of events occurs when Gus and Theo hook up in a bathroom stall during the party. Perhaps resuming things with Theo will relieve Gus's stress, but it seems unlikely, considering that Alice saw them being intimate in the elevator.

FOX's brick-building competition series LEGO Masters is looking for speed and strength this week, as the contestants are charged with not only creating a very fast car but also a strong, impressive-looking bridge. Of course, host Will Arnett and judges Jamie Berard and Amy Corbett aren't just going to take a team's word that they're strong: each bridge will be weight-tested until only one remains.

"LEGO Masters" season 1, episode 6 "Need for Speed / Super-Bridges": The remaining teams are tasked with two challenges of speed and strength. The first is a timed challenge to build a car. In the second, the duos' technical building skills are put to the test when they must make a visually impressive, yet super-strong bridge. Then, their feats of LEGO engineering are tested as their creations go through a "stress test," during which more and more weight is added to the bridges until only one remains standing. The winning duo gets a game-changing advantage!

The USS Enterprise-D has rendezvoused with the Excelsior-class starship USS Fearless in order to take on a Starfleet propulsion specialist who will perform an upgrade on the ship's warp drive. He has already performed the upgrade on the Fearless, as well as the USS Ajax. Both these ships reported a notable increase in engine efficiency. Riker, however, is not convinced. He and Data have run a controlled test of the formulae that the engineer, Kosinski, has sent over, and found them to have no effect. Picard reasons that there's no harm in letting him come over and attempt the upgrade, especially since it doesn't change the hardware.

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I always say that football is kind of an art. You create, you do things when you go to the stadium. I always talk about the story, when I was young, my first professional game I saw, I was 7 years old. And, I went to see it, and I fell in love with it. I fell in love with the type of players that I saw playing there. Those players were techni