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The smaller the size of the ringbuffer, the higher the chance of the player buffering if the download speed decreases,and the higher the size, the more data can be use as a storage to recover from volatile download speeds.

Download valorant skinned txt

Most players have their own additional cache and will read the ringbuffer's content as soon as data is available.If the player stops reading data while playback is paused, Streamlink will continue to download the stream in thebackground as long as the ringbuffer doesn't get full.

Lower values will decrease the latency, but will also increase the chance of buffering, as there is less time forStreamlink to download segments and write their data to the output buffer. The number of parallel segment downloadscan be set with --stream-segment-threads and the HLS playlist reload time to fetch and queue new segments can beoverridden with --hls-playlist-reload-time. 041b061a72


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